Gerrards Cross Comedy Evening

When we first spoke to Gerrards Cross Community Association back in 2015 we had no idea how popular their comedy nights would prove to be and the genteel folk of Gerrards Cross have proved to have an appetite for live comedy that is nothing short of voracious! After a series of  highly successful shows we return on Friday 20th November 2020 with yet more of the very best in live stand up comedy;

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When police sergeant Alfie Moore entered a stand up comedy competition in 2007 he had alfie moore comedy gerrards crossno idea it   would eventually lead to him swapping his truncheon for a microphone on a much more permanent   basis! Support slots for Sarah Millican, Russell Kane and Milton Jones on their national comedy tours   have brought him to a wider crowd as have appearances on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and his   critically acclaimed Radio 4 series. So, if you want to see Alfie in action buying a ticket would be a good   idea or  you could, of course, just commit a crime…

    “He’s a very funny man”.  Rhod Gilbert      “Fascinating and funny”.   Chortle

Eddy-Brimson Gerrards Cross comedy

Proud Watford geezer Eddy Brimson (and he only needs to open his mouth once for you to know that!) has emerged as one of the more interesting, considered and thoughtful comedians on the stand-up circuit. His observational, often self-confessional, style is as funny as it is fascinating and there are lots of quality gags in there too.  Eddy has performed in Norway, China and pretty much everywhere in between.

                                                   “The crowd loved him” The Guardian   “Quite simply brilliant”  Sky

Phil Ellis Gerrards Cross comedy   Compere for the evening is the deliciously unhinged, Phil Ellis. Audiences quickly become enraptured by his maverick charm, his ability to think on his feet meaning there is always a slight twist to his set, making each appearance fresh and thrilling. Phil won the coveted Foster’s Comedy Award Panel Prize at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe for the anarchic kid’s show Funz and Gamez.  2019 saw Phil appear alongside Johnny Vegas on BBC Radio 4’s Phil Ellis Is Trying. 

                                                         ‘Mad and severely likeable… possessed with manic energy’  Metro

The show comes complete with Wiltshire’s Andrew White.  Show starts 8pm prompt £15  Strong language and adult themes. Fully seated. Acts subject to change. Details on 01753 883759

For the enjoyment of all our guests we ask you to respect those sat around you by turning off your mobile phone and refraining from talking once the show is in progress. As comedians material is their copyright any form of video or audio recording is strictly forbidden.

Gerrards Cross Community Association, The Memorial Centre, 8 East Common,
Gerrards Cross, SL9 7AD 01753 883759

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