Comedy @ Chester Rugby Club

It’s been a couple of years since we last ran a show at Chester Rugby Club but we’re back with a bang on Friday 26th January 2018 with….

steve royle Chester rugby comedySteve Royle holds the world record for balancing a Christmas tree on his chin. Not satisfied with that he also holds the record for balancing an ironing board on his foot. ‘Nuff said!   Despite being a highly skilled juggler Steve never forgets the comedy and has a highly honed arsenal of one liners and routines suitable for any audience making him ideal for Chester. Resident warm up man for Sunday Night At The Palladium Steve also played to 200 000 people and earned £5 milion for Comic Relief alongside Peter Kay and Dave Spikey as part of 2015’s Phoenix Nights Live.

                                                                                              “A brilliant comedian” Peter Kay

Both erudite and eminently affable, Roger Monkhouse is a highly original and quirky performer. His trademark stage-prowling style and curious, inimitable manner have established him as one Roger Monkhouse Chester rugbyof the hottest names on the comedy circuit. Roger’s forte is delivering intelligent, thought provoking material that pulls no punches and is always incisive, relevant and up to date. Articulate, quick witted and spontaneous, if something’s in the news, Roger has a routine about it.

                                                                             “An almost indecent supply of talent” Time Out

Jonathan Mayor sets the stage alight with his razor sharp audience banter and stunning charisma. But don’t be fooled by the glitter and glamour, Jonathan Mayor Chester comedyunderneath lies an intelligent line of socio-political humour, from a unique and fascinating perspective, He will reduce any audience to hysterics whether they are erudite, Radio 4 listeners or the drunkest Friday night crowd. Jonathan is also one of Sarah Millican’s regular tour supports as well as being warm-up man for her television series “The Sarah Millican Television Show”

  “Very funny” Michael Palin “Marvellously wicked” Sarah Millican

Doors 7pm Show 8.45pm. £25 including Indian Meal Very strong language. All acts subject to change. Over 18’s.  Book now on 01244 336 017

Chester RUFC, Hare Lane, Chester CH3 7DB T: 01244 336 017

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