Wes Zaharuk

Master of mayhem, prop lunatic Wes Zaharuk takes audience on a joy-ride of frenzy machine-gun anarchic physical comedy routines and maniac physical audience interaction. Wes has performed  extensively across North America including a stint at at Las Vegas. Now residing in the UKWes Zaharuk he has one of the most distinctive acts on the circuit. We think we can safely say Wes is the only comedian in the world to successfully mix Film Noir, vaudeville, power tools and a banana into his act.  Wes Zaharuk credits his comic roots to his parents. They made ‘not listening’ an Olympic event.   About the use of power tools in his performance Wes quips;

“Show business sometimes lures people who didn’t get enough love early in life. I feel as a child I didn’t get enough unsupervised time with power tools but who has perfect parents?”

“Twin Peaks meets Cirque D’Soleil” Toronto Sun    ‘A rib-tickling dive into the surreal’ Channel 4 ‘Simply amazing’ Toronto Star

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