Danny Ward

Danny Ward    The ever so slightly manic Danny Ward has been entertaining Great    Britain (and Germany, Tenerife, Maastricht and Croatia) with his unique  style of observational comedy.

Danny turns the everyday trials that we all experience into piercingly well    dissected anecdotes of exasperation and obsession – with wonderfully  hilarious solutions.

A self proclaimed tataholic, Danny Ward is on a mission to spread the lesson he refuses to learn – when you try and do things on the cheap, it ends up costing you more. With a delivery that is up-beat and well honed, his easy-going style is both endearing and very funny.

“It really would have to be world class to top this show” Three Weeks, ★★★★

“Danny Ward clicked with the capacity crowd immediately… ..really tight, strong material.” Bournemouth Echo

“He had those of us who have ever experienced the joys of a pop up tent in tears”. Exeter Gazette

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